Request additional auditions


Request three additional auditions for your contest completely free. VoiceBunny will try to obtain the additional auditions within 24 hours. You will then be able to select a winner and have him/her record the full script. This operation can only be executed by the owner of the project. To test this method, create a test contest project then request additional auditions of a test contest project

Response example

      "title":"My Test Project",
        "part001":"This is my script 1."
      "remarks":"Special instructions",
      "genderAndAgeName":"Male | Young adult (20-39)",
      "languageName":"English - North America",
      "extendedRequestedTime":"2019-10-17 13:21:17",
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <title>My Test Project</title>
      <part001>This is my script 1.</part001>
    <remarks>Special instructions</remarks>
    <genderAndAgeName>Male | Young adult (20-39)</genderAndAgeName>
    <languageName>English - North America</languageName>
    <extendedRequestedTime>2019-10-17 13:21:17</extendedRequestedTime>


  • 5013: You are not authorized to modify this project. Only the owner can modify it.
  • 5017: The project does not exists.
  • 5400: You can only request additional auditions for contest projects.
  • 5401: Unfortunately you cannot request more auditions. Since you already requested three additional ones for your contest.
  • 5402: We can't complete this operation, because we couldn't get the original three auditions on time. As such we won't be able to extend your project.
  • 5403: Your project cannot be extended because a winner was already selected.
  • 5404: We can't complete this operation, we have not gotten the three initial auditions. Please wait until you receive all the auditions to continue.